Elevate Every Game Night With SKORBOARD
Experience the sheer thrill of live sports, right in your space!
Tons of views and Tons of Sports Coverage
Why Settle for Ordinary?
With SKORBOARD, every sports moment feels monumental!
Dive into a dynamic, real-time sports watching experience:
The adrenaline-packed game night of your dreams awaits!
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Bring the Arena to Your Living Room
The ultimate second screen experience with SKORBOARD:
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Second Screen Experience

True fans, like you, crave an unmatched sports experience. That's why SKORBOARD doesn't just offer style; it promises electric performances that amplify your passion!

Heads up Viewing

Ditch the phone 📱
Experience the stats on a true second screen display
Totally customized for you!

Danielle P.
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"SKORBOARD has revolutionized my game nights! I used to miss out on key moments while grabbing snacks, but now I'm in the loop no matter where I am in the house."
Mike T.
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"Every sports fan should have a SKORBOARD! It's not just a scoreboard; it's an experience. I've hosted several game nights, and my friends can't stop talking about it."
Rebecca L.
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"I got SKORBOARD as a gift for my husband, and now our basement feels like a mini sports arena. The customizable themes and real-time updates make every match more thrilling!"
Brett W.
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"SKORBOARD not only enhances the game, it's a showstopper in my living room! Always in the loop, even when my better half takes the remote."
Clay R.
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"With SKORBOARD, no matter my team's performance, I'm always in the game. A must-have for every fan!"
Jordan S.
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"As a sports enthusiast, the real-time LED goal lights and goal horns make me feel the excitement of every score. SKORBOARD has truly elevated my sports-viewing experience."
Alexa V.
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"The SKORBOARD is a game-changer! It keeps the energy high and the crowd engaged. It's like having the stadium experience in my own home!"
Riley O.
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"SKORBOARD's real-time updates and insider information give me a competitive edge in my fantasy leagues. It's informative, interactive, and insanely fun!"
Taylor M.
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"I can't imagine watching a game without my SKORBOARD now. The customizable themes make every match feel personal and get me in the right mood to cheer for my team."
Casey D.
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"With my SKORBOARD, every game night feels like an event. It's been a massive hit with the family, turning every game into a memorable experience."
Stanley H.
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"I'm obsessed with the standings feature on my SKORBOARD. I can see where my team ranks in real-time, it's keeping me updated and the anticipation high, all throughout the game. A must-have for any stats geek like me!"
Tom G.
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"The football feature on SKORBOARD is a touchdown! The real-time updates and insider info make every game more intense and engaging. It's like having a front-row seat to every game, creating a truly immersive experience!"
Economical, Exhilarating, Essential!
Ditch the costs and hassles of live stadium visits. With SKORBOARD, you're scoring a seat in the arena, minus the expenses.
Guaranteed Satisfaction
Try SKORBOARD risk-free!
If it doesn't redefine your game nights in 30 days, get a full refund.
We even cover return shipping.
What people are saying
Rating Out of 5.0
Cool Factor + extra info

What I Like About The Skorboard Is I Can Either Watch The Game And Have A Little Extra Information All The Time With An Added Cool Factor To Show Off, Or If My Wife Is Controlling The Remote, We Can Watch Something Else, But I Still Always Know How My Flames Are Doing, And If Things Are Getting Interesting, I Can Commandeer The Remote.

Brett W.
Keeping track without the Sorrow

I Wish My Nats Were Not Awful But Now I Can Keep An Eye On The Game And Not Have My Soul Actively Crushed Nightly.

Clay R.
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when discount 'BIGSCORE100' applied
Frequently Asked Questions
All your SKORBOARD questions answered in a snap!

🚀 SKORBOARD is IN-STOCK & Ready to Elevate Your Game Nights!

We ship thrice a week, ensuring you can immerse in the live-action with your SKORBOARD within just 7-10 days on average.
Don’t miss out on the ultimate sports-viewing experience! Order your SKORBOARD now and feel the stadium’s thrill in your living room!

🔒 100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

We are confident you’ll love your SKORBOARD! However, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, we’re here to make the return process seamless and hassle-free.

  1. Contact Us: Simply email matt@fantronics.com with the subject “Return SKORBOARD” within 30 days of receiving your order.

  2. Free Return Label: We’ll create and email you a return shipping label promptly.

  3. Drop It in the Mail: Package your SKORBOARD and send it back using the provided label.

  4. Receive Your Refund: Once we receive the returned item, we’ll process your refund swiftly.

Easy as that! We want to ensure you have a great experience, even if SKORBOARD is not the right fit for you. So go ahead, try SKORBOARD risk-free today!


📦 What’s Included in Your SKORBOARD Kit:

  1. SKORBOARD Device: The heart of your interactive sports-viewing experience.
  2. Power Adapter: Reliable and efficient, keeping your SKORBOARD powered up.
  3. LED Light Strip: Enhance the ambiance with immersive lighting.

📱 Free Mobile Remote Apps: Easily configure and control your SKORBOARD with our intuitive mobile app, available for free download on the iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store.

What You’ll Need:

  1. WIFI Connection: To keep your SKORBOARD updated with live scores and more.
  2. Android or iOS Device: To operate the Mobile Remote Controller App.
  3. Monitor & HDMI Cable: Choose a monitor and an appropriate length HDMI cable suitable for your SKORBOARD placement.

Gear up for an unparalleled sports-viewing experience with SKORBOARD, where every game feels like you’re in the stadium!


🌟 Meet the SKORBOARD!

The SKORBOARD is your dedicated Second Screen, meticulously designed to elevate your at-home sports viewing by complementing your main display. It’s like having your very own stadium experience, right in your living room!

Setup & Requirements:
  • WIFI Connection: Essential for enabling real-time updates and insider insights.
  • Monitor: Connect any monitor that accepts HDMI or VGA through an HDMI-to-VGA adapter. It’s adaptable and user-friendly!
  • Android or iOS Device: Act as a remote control, allowing you to manage your SKORBOARD seamlessly.
Easy Hook-Up:

Simply plug into the HDMI port on the SKORBOARD device. You’ll experience immersive viewing with minimum fuss.

Optimal Experience:

For enjoying the thrilling GOAL Horn Feature, hook up your SKORBOARD to a TV with HDMI Audio Passthrough and let the arena-like excitement reverberate; just crank up the volume!

Embark on a sports journey where every moment is intensified, and every goal is celebrated, all with the SKORBOARD by your side!

Your first year is included in the initial purchase price of the SKORBOARD!

📊 Premium Real-Time Data, Unrivaled Reliability:

At SKORBOARD, we harness the same high-caliber data that fuels the most popular fantasy sports, website apps, and stadiums. This ensures you receive information faster and with unparalleled reliability compared to free API options. We invest significantly to procure these premium data feeds, delivering you the most seamless and enriched sports-viewing experience.

Subscription Fee:
  • Annual Subscription: $60/year (Your first year is included in the initial purchase price of the SKORBOARD!)
Flexibility with Monthly Option:
  • Monthly Subscription: Available at just $6/month, offering you flexibility and convenience.

By subscribing, you not only enjoy the superior and immediate updates but also contribute to maintaining the highest quality service and continuous improvements to your SKORBOARD experience.

Invest in Your Passion:

Embrace the future of sports viewing with SKORBOARD, where every game is a vivid journey and every moment is alive with possibilities!

🌐 Extensive Sports Coverage, No Blackouts!

Presently, SKORBOARD meticulously tracks every pulse-racing moment from:

  • NHL 🏒
  • MLB ⚾
  • NFL 🏈
  • NBA* 🏀
  • NCAA FBS Football* 🏈
  • NCAA D1 Basketball* 🏀

Indulge in relentless action and experience every game uninterrupted, with absolutely no blackouts!

Continuous Enhancement:

We are ardently exploring avenues to integrate more leagues and elevate data tracking capabilities, ensuring your SKORBOARD experience remains unmatched and ever-evolving.

Stay Updated, Stay Ahead:

With SKORBOARD, relish the ability to receive the latest updates effortlessly, making it your reliable companion for any game you wish to delve into. Dive into a world where your passion meets unparalleled tracking precision, and your sports-viewing experience is continually redefined!

🚀 What’s Next for SKORBOARD?
  • More Sports.
  • More Leagues.
  • More Data.
  • More Themes.
  • More Content.

Our development team is diligently forging ahead, refining every nuance to enhance your SKORBOARD experience continuously. We are unwavering in our commitment to evolve SKORBOARD into the quintessential Second Screen for every sports aficionado.

Your Voice, Our Blueprint:

We harbor a comprehensive roadmap, charting the trajectory of SKORBOARD’s evolution. However, SKORBOARD is not just our project—it’s forged and refined by the vibrant voices of our community. Your insights are our guiding stars in this journey.

We’re All Ears!

If there’s a feature your heart desires, or an improvement you envisage, we are just an email away. Reach out directly to one of our co-founders at matt@fantronics.com.

Step into a realm where your passion shapes your experience, and your voice orchestrates the symphony of exhilaration that is SKORBOARD!

🌟 Become a Part of Our Thriving Community! 🌟

We are proud and excited to have a community of enthusiastic sports lovers who share a passion for SKORBOARD! We invite you to enrich this vibrant community by:

  • Joining our SKORBOARD Facebook Group
  • Liking and sharing our content.
  • Spreading the word to your friends and fellow sports enthusiasts!

Let’s Connect, Share, and Grow Together!

Engage in lively discussions, share your experiences, and get the latest updates and insights on SKORBOARD. Our community is the heartbeat of SKORBOARD, and your involvement will only make it stronger and more spirited!

So, come along, and let’s build a world where every sports fan finds camaraderie, excitement, and a shared love for the game! See you in the SKORBOARD Facebook Group!

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Transform your fancave with a live scoreboard,
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