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So how do you go from average mancave to ELECTRIFYING FANCAVE??

Convert Any Extra TV into a Live Scoreboard
Find out now!!!
It’s been specifically designed for
NHL and MLB Fans
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Turn any TV or Monitor into a Live Scoreboard

Follow along with your favorite sports teams like never before! Dedicate a monitor to the live scores of your favorite games, and experience a Stadium-Like-Experience with Goal Horns and Goal Lights Flashing with every Score!

Through our data network, your SKORBOARD will provide your FanCave with live scores as they happen!

  If you’re tired of the rising cost of live gameday experiences…

  If you’re fed up with checking scores on your phone…

  If your fan cave is missing that one special feature it needs….


Read on…

skorboard cover vertical
Custom Themes
Your Own!
Make your SKORBOARD your own with...
GOAL Horns and GOAL Lights!
With the included Custom LED strip, you can wrap your TV with the GLOW of every GOAL!

Turn up the Volume and hear the Horn blare and celebrate like being at the arena!
Customer Reviews

I wish my Nats were not awful, but now with SKORBOARD I can keep an eye on the game and not have my soul actively crushed nightly.

Clay R.
Verified Buyer

If my wife is controlling the remote, we can watch something else, but I still always know how my Flames are doing, and if things are getting interesting, I can commandeer the remote.

Brett W. Verified Buyer

I’m not the most technology savvy guy in the world, but it was super easy to set up.  It’s got really really cool goal lights.  I give this a big thumbs up.  SKORBOARD’s a Beaauuttyyy!

Rodney D.
Verified Buyer

Good evening! I uploaded the new app and works awesome. LEDs are good and remote moves/functions even faster than previous version!!

Clay M.
Verified Buyer

Thanks so much. I really appreciate your amazing customer service. I absolutely love the product and whenever I have friends over to watch the game they love it too. I always recommend a SKORBOARD.

Steve O.
Verified Buyer

Give Yourself The Best Seat in The House with the SKORBOARD

How do you go from average mancave to ELECTRIFYING FANCAVE?

The SKORBOARD converts any TV or monitor into a live scoreboard experience for any NHL or MLB game. 

Simply plug it in, power it up, and get your favorite drinks on deck before the puck drops.

SKORBOARD is an essential piece of kit for the passionate sports fan. It’s the closest thing to being at a live game that exists!

Indulge in Obsession

Obsession and love for your team – these make hockey fans the greatest sports ambassadors in the world. Win or lose, you know the importance of showing up.

We created the SKORBOARD to honor your commitment to your team at every turn. Packed with features and advanced data download software, SKORBOARD is the last piece in the puzzle for a fully immersive hockey experience.


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Built for Absolute Barnburners

Nothing beats the excitement of a fast-paced, high-scoring game. Skorboard excels in times when competitiveness is at it’s highest.

Tailor Your Experience

With customizable themes, background aesthetics, and display settings, you can tailor your home NHL and MLB experience just how you like it.

No Eye Strain, No Pain

Until now, you’ve probably been checking live scores on a mobile device or squinting at the top corner of your TV. Skorboard connects to a completely separate TV, so you can hang it above or below your current setup. No more straining when you should be gaming.

Be The Envy of Your Crew

Skorboard is the first of its kind. Have you ever seen your friends sporting an immersive dual-screen experience for game time? In addition to being the envy of your social circle, you’ll relish in solo viewing as well. Like having the entire stadium to yourself.

LED’s for Impact

Our red LED’s recreate the excitement of the ice from the comfort of your home. Simply plug them in and transform your ManCave into an electrifying FanCave of epic proportions.

Real-time scores and penalties displayed in nanoseconds

Portable, powerful, endlessly entertaining

Simple setup, compatible with any TV

Customize your display, background, and theme

All games and playoffs included

SKORBOARD Pre-Orders Coming Soon

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Join the evolution of sports entertainment with the SKORBOARD – the last piece of tech you’ll need to complete your hockey hangout!

To elevate your FanCave experience, we’re offering a 30% discount for subscribers who join the waiting list.

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The Latest Live Score Data on the Planet

Realtime Scores   

Realtime Penalties  

Realtime #Skorgasms

I was missing one element to having the perfect Blackhawks ManCave. Now with the SKORBOARD on my wall, I've got a killer hockey hangout. R2G!!!


Join the waitlist for 30% off

*Limited time early bird pricing for next batch of SKORBOARDS

Why did we create the SKORBOARD?

We are a group of hockey dads, designers, and engineers who some other scoreboards around the internet. These all required DIY skills and knowledge of hardware & software to get a live scoreboard working.
Here's one scoreboard that we found. Unfortunately, to get one you need to solder, program & debug code, and it'll also take a couple weeks to build. Oh, and you'll need a 3D printer to make the case:

Here's one scoreboard that we found.
Unfortunately, to get one you need to solder, program & debug code, and it'll also take a couple weeks to build. Oh, and you'll need a 3D printer to make the case:

Many people just don't have the time or desire to build their own scoreboard. They just want to watch the game and have fun.

The SKORBOARD was made for you.

Join our our mailing list, we think you will enjoy hearing about the journey and we promise to do all of the hard work for you.

Thanks for checking us out!

Matt & the SKORBOARD team

Frequently Asked Questions

We are actively preparing the next batch of SKORBOARDs.  There was a global microchip shortage around the world, but we have we have secured some processors already.  We will ship out to our earliest customers first.  Join the mailing list to secure your place in line, get a huge discount, and learn more about the SKORBOARD project. We’ll make sure you get the best price when we ship.

The SKORBOARD is a plug-and play scoreboard for your mancave, fancave, or even living space, wherever you watch the game.

Comes with:

  • SKORBOARD Device
  • LED Power Strip Lights
  • Dedicated Power Supply

You will need:
WIFI Network, HDMI TV or Monitor, and an Android or Apple mobile device for the remote controller app.

The SKORBOARD is a dedicated Second Screen display to compliment your at home sports viewing.

The SKORBOARD requires a WIFI Internet connection, a monitor, and the use of an Android or iOS device as a remote control. 

The SKORBOARD is to be hooked up through the HDMI port on the Device.  In our testing, any monitor that accepts HDMI, or even VGA through HDMI-to-VGA Adapter works great.  A TV with HDMI Audio Passthrough is needed to use the GOAL Horn Feature — just turn up the volume!

Currently, the SKORBOARD tracks all NHL and MLB games, with no blackouts.

We are preparing to add more leagues and additional data tracking.  The SKORBOARD receives updates through wifi, so your SKORBOARD gets more features through updates.

Short Answer:  More Sports, More Leagues, More Data, More Themes, More Content.

Our development team is hard at work, continually refining and improving the SKORBOARD experience.  We are committed to making the SKORBOARD the perfect Second Screen for sports fans.

We have a deep roadmap of where we plan to go with the SKORBOARD, but this is also a Community Driven Project.  If there is a feature you would like us to add, please send us an email to let us know!!!

You can reach one of our cofounders at:

We have an awesome community who are excited about the SKORBOARD.  Please consider joining our Facebook Group, liking our content, sharing with your friends and community.  Our facebook group is located at: 
SKORBOARD Facebook Page

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